Parish Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaigns

Our foremost concern in parish campaigns is not only raising the necessary funds, but doing it in a way that serves parish unity.

Too often, parish feasibility studies focus on only the 40 wealthiest families; if they like the plan and are willing to support it, the pastor feels confident in proceeding with a campaign.

This focused approach is acceptable for certain entities such as Catholic high schools, but is lacking in the parish environment, where social bonds among parishioners are much more pronounced. It doesn't take long for those not included in the study to conclude that, "To have a voice in the process, you have to have the cash."

We have developed a process that typically includes not just 40 households in the Parish Feasibility Study, but 400-500 families. With scores of well-trained volunteers, the vast majority of active households have an opportunity to review the proposed project, discuss in person with a fellow parishioner, express their likes and concerns, and then fill out a confidential survey. The information that flows back to the consultant is invaluable in helping shape a plan with wide support.

To our knowledge, no other firm invests this level of time and energy into the feasibility study and pre-campaign planning. Contact us for details on why this process might best serve your parish.

Parish Stewardship Programs

Imagine what your parish could accomplish if every parishioner made stewardship a way of life: the added revenue would make possible experienced staff that could enrich music and liturgy, youth ministry, and scores of other programs. In addition, increased support staff could relieve pastors of at least some of the burden of finance and administration, freeing priests to spend more time in the role of spiritual leader.

To make this vision a reality, our parish stewardship program is not a one-time effort to increase the Sunday offertory, but a firmly established spiritual and financial program that can be administered by the parish every year. Learn what it means to become a stewardship-driven parish, and help your parishioners see tithing in a spiritual light, as God intended it to be.

Parish Missions and Speaking Engagements

Parish missions, typically held during Advent or Lent, often focus on Scripture, the Sacraments, or some aspect of family life. Have you ever considered a parish mission that examines the intersection of money and the spiritual life?

In striving for holiness, conversion is needed in every aspect of the Christian walk. In my new book, Why Enough is Never Enough: Overcoming Worries About Money - A Catholic Perspective," I go to that place rarely examined, the crossroads where wealth and God meet, and often come into conflict. The premise: To be at peace with money - to overcome financial anxiety and worry - you must first and foremost be at peace with God.

Mission talks are based on the ideas and exercises found in the book, leading participants to a greater trust in God's providence.

The book has been given both a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur.