School Projects

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St. Mary's Dominican High School launched Truth, Tradition, Tomorrow as a five-year program to increase annual giving, initiate an endowment, and build the new sports complex pictured here.
In his 25-year career, Gregory S. Jeffrey has worked with 34 Catholic schools coast to coast.



"Greg has excellent insights with people, and has a way of making things happen."

"To me, it's not just about raising money; it's about bringing people to faith. Greg understood the ‘Church part' of what we are all about."

"Greg's skills as a writer, teacher, and mentor have been an invaluable asset to me over the years. Working with and learning from Greg has had a direct impact upon my success in work and obtaining my CFRE certification."

Joseph Sens, Principal,
Carroll High School,
Dayton, OH 1983-2011

Dr. Cynthia Thomas, President
St. Mary's Dominican High School,
New Orleans, LA

Janet L Goforth, CFRE
Director of Development & Alumnae Affairs
Cabrini High School, New Orleans, LA

Church Projects

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Soon after Vatican II, the pastor of Sacred Heart Church unilaterally decided to remove all statuary and white-wash the interior of this turn-of-the-century rural church. Nearly forty years later, Fr. John Kleinschmidt and parish leaders partnered with Mr. Jeffrey to restore the church to its original beauty.



"I would whole heartedly recommend Greg Jeffrey in any church campaign. I was part of a previous campaign, and although successful, the company who led it could not hold a candle to Greg Jeffrey for his commitment, dedication, involvement and success."

"Our parish could not have been more impressed with Greg. His professionalism, organizational and leadership skills far exceeded our expectations"

"You did a terrific job keeping the effort on task and engaging a large portion
of the parish."

Fr. Tim Schroeder, Pastor
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Kevin Bartholomew, President,
Beverage Division, Ben E. Keith
Chair, Renewal Campaign,
St. Patrick Catholic Church, Dallas, TX

John J. Little, Partner
Little Pedersen Fankhauser, LLP, Attorneys
Vice-Chair, Renewal Campaign,
St. Patrick Catholic Church, Dallas, TX

Other Catholic Organizations and Apostolates

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Even as Hurricane Katrina was coming ashore, Mr. Jeffrey—having worked extensively in New Orleans—guessed correctly what the results would be. Knowing that national relief dollars would quickly dry up once Hurricane Katrina left CNN's headlines, he began organizing a relief operation headquartered in Minnesota, with the help of a local group of Benedictine sisters. Within days, a direct mail appeal, data center and banking infrastructure were in place to help the Louisiana seminary. Fr. Gregory Boquet, President & Rector of St. Joseph's Abbey and Seminary College in St. Benedict, Louisiana, tells the rest of the story in his own words:



"After Katrina we had nothing, no safety net, no phones, no mail, nothing. In a short period of time you were able to keep us from sinking by connecting us with people outside the region. Even before other institutions were able to think about making an appeal, we were receiving gifts that ultimately totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most importantly, at a time when people were giving up on the Gulf Coast, you gave us hope."

Fr. Gregory Boquet, President & Rector,
St. Joseph's Abbey and Seminary College,
St. Benedict, Louisiana